National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan

The journal “Processes of Petrochemistry and oil Refining” (PPOR) was founded in 2000. The journal is published 4 times a year and prints peer-reviewing works on vital problems of processes of petrochemistry and oil refining, of review-analytical, prognostic, experimental and theoretical character on the following sections:

·         Petrochemistry

·         Oil refining

·         Organic chemistry

·         High-molecular compounds

·         Chemical kinetics and catalysis

·         Processes and apparatus of chemical engineering

·         Chemmotology

·         Economics of problems of oil refining and petrochemistry industries

·         Optimization of processes of oil refining and petrochemistry

·         Ecological problems of petrochemistry and oil refining

·         Brief information




License: series AB No.022696

Registration number - 496, 09.02.2000

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