National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan


1.1. The journal publishes articles on actual problems of petrochemistry and oil processing, irrespective of citizenship and departmental membership of the authors. Only materials, containing the results of original researches, which were presented as full article, brief information, and moreover analytical reviews (including authors reviews and forecasting-analytical articles) on actual problems on chemistry, petrochemistry, science and information materials, are accepted for the publication in the journal.

1.2. The article should be written briefly, made accurately out and carefully edited. The artificial splitting of a material of one article (of common subject) into some smaller parts, and also duplicate of the same data in the tables, on the schemes and figures is not allowed.

1.3. The article, sent to the authors for correction, should be returned in a corrected form (in 2 copies) together with its previous version in maximum short terms. To the processed manuscript it is necessary to attach the letter from the authors including the answers to all remarks and the commentaries, explaining all changes, made in the article. The articles, mismatching requirements of the journal which has been set up in the given “Rules for the authors”, can be rejected without reviewing.

1.4. The publication of the reviews, full articles and brief communications starts with the title of the article, name and surnames of the authors detailed name of scientific organization. Then the brief abstract (from 200 to 250 words) with the indicating of particular results of work, keywords, and conclusions are given.

1.5. A brief introduction into the problem and formulation of the problem of research, experimental or methodical part, discussion of gained results with conclusion must be shown in the theoretical and physico-chemical articles. Moreover, the references written in accordance with the rules is given in the end of the article. Refer only to available editions.

Papers will be rejected in case of non-compliance with the requirements.

2. Requirement for the manuscripts

2.1. The text of the article should be printed (without corrections and insertions) on a white paper standard sized (format A4, 210x297 mms) with margins 3 sm from a left – hand side, type size – 12.

Text editors: Microsoft Word

Graphic materials:  JPEG or PNG of 300 dpi, Microsoft Excel.

Chemical structures: Chem Draw.

2.2 It is also necessary to submit to editorship the text of the article disk. Alongside with the printed text, and attach the form with description of content disk.

2.3. All pages of the manuscript, including the references, tables, subscripts to figures must be numbered.

2.4. The equations, schemes, tables, figures and links to the literature are numbered by way of their mention in the text.

2.4.1. The title of the table is printed by the solid text from a beginning of a framework of the table.

2.4.2. The designations and dimensions in figures should be correspond to those in the text and subscripts to figures.

2.4.3. References on literature in the text are given in square brackets [ ].

2.5. The physical quantities must be given in an international CGS system (SI). 

2.6. The Spectral data are recommended to be given in an Experimental part. A UV- spectrum (EtOH), λmax / HM (ε or (lg ε)): 239 (6900), 305 (1200). A IR-spectrum (CCl4), n/sm-1 : 3310(ε C – H); 1722 (C=O). In the description of spectra NMR the chemical shifts, multiplicity, integral intensity, reference, KSSB are resulted.


The references should consist of new sources (the last 5-10 years) and must be arranged as follows:


The books: Lendlein A., Sisson A. Handbook of Biodegradable Polymers: Izolation, Synthesis, Characterization and Applications, 2011, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH&Co. KGaA, 2011, 405 p.

The journals: Wei F., Zhang D., Halas N.J., Hartgerink J.D. Aromatic amino acids providing characteristic motifs in the Raman and SERS spectroscopy of peptides. The Journal of Physical Chemistry, B, 2008, 112 (30), pp. 9158-9164

The patents: Pat. I2000 0013.Az.2000

The abstracts: Hany M.Abd El-Lateef, V.M.Abbasov, L.I.Aliyeva, Corrosion Inhibition of Steel Pipelines by Eco-Friendly Surfactants Based on Sunflower Oil in Oil Field Formation Water Containing CO2, The material of Fifth International Chemistry Conference, 26-29 march, 2014, Abha-Saudi Arabia, p.107

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